“So What’s the Horror Here of Concurrent Jurisdiction?”

As readers are likely well aware of, this month the Supreme Court heard oral argument in FERC v. Electric Power Supply Association. The ultimate result could decide the fate of the nascent wholesale demand response sector, but at a deeper level, the case raises important questions about how well equipped the Federal Power Act is to facilitate innovation, integrate new technologies, and allow for cross-jurisdictional electric system planning.

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“What Is The True Nature Of A Sale That Was Never Made?”

An Existential Dilemma Arrives at the Supreme Court 

On Wednesday, October 14, the Supremes will hear oral argument in Electricity Power Supply Association v. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. The ultimate result could decide the fate of a nascent cleantech industry aimed at promoting efficiency, lowering prices, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. More fundamentally, though, this case raises important questions about the federalism underpinnings of the U.S. electricity sector, and how well they can adapt to the new energy evolution underway today.

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